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RYDOG54Sports card Collector/Investor and YouTuber Extraordinaire

 1 CENT SPORTS CARDS – weekly live baseball card box breaks, in depth set reviews as they are released, provide collecting and investing advice to hobbyists. Original baseball card content.

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SOCCER CARDS ROCK – Premium quality soccer podcast and newsletter.

SPORTS CARDS ROCKyour go-to source for sports cards collecting, flipping, and investing. In-depth guide for football cards, NBA cards, soccer cards, and more.

WAX MUSEUM PODCAST – A basketball card podcast that discussed the hobby’s past, present, and future. 

FOOTBALL STICKER STORY PODCAST – Two soccer collectors connect the past and present of the sport through the story of stickers and cards. 


BLACK LABEL SLABS (TM) ultimate mission is to be able to provide end users the best quality products at the best prices available. They are a go to for all of your sports card supply needs.


BOGEY BREAKS – A wide range of group and individual breaks across several sports. 
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BIG CHUNGUS BREAKS – Long time avid sports fan who turned breaks and flipping cards into a full time gig. Affordable and entertaining.
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