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Welcome to the Sell The Peak refer-a-friend program.

  • Refer-a-friend participants will receive $1 per month, per referral.
  • If you are a paid Sell The Peak member, you will be refunded or sent the appropriate amount each month until you reach 10 referrals at which point, your membership will be free. For example, if you have referred 3 friends, you will be charged your normal $10 per month membership fee and then refunded or sent $3 for the 3 referrals.
  • If you refer more than 10 people, you will receive a free membership plus $1 per member above the initial 10 referrals.
  • If you are not currently a member, you can participate in the program, and will receive $1 per referral.


Here is your affiliate link to refer your friends to sign up: