Dear Sports Card Collector/Investor,

We are pleased to announce the addition of Player Pages to Sell The Peak! 

Over the past 8 months, we have spent endless hours developing a platform that will allow you to follow along with the pricing of thousands of cards. We had two goals in mind through the entire process…

1. Make it Affordable
2. Teach users to make the best buying and selling decisions

Affordability – This was very important to us from the very beginning and has never changed. We want everyone to be able to access tools and resources that can help them in their quest to be a more savvy collector or investor. We fully understand that some collectors and investors budgets may be very limited. If you’re having to pay an arm and leg for a tool to help you, there’s no money left over to actually buy those cards. So we will always strive to keep our platform affordable to the masses. 

While we have several future implementations in mind that may raise the price by small increments, initial launch members will never have their price raised. They will always pay the special launch price (more on that below). And they will always get full access to all future features that are included in the membership.

Teach users to make the best buying and selling decisions – What good are fancy charts and pricing data without knowing what you’re looking at or the basics of how to buy and sell sports cards? We plan to teach users how to use the data in front of them to make the best decisions. After all, the goal is to buy the lows and SELL THE PEAK. Even if you are a TRUE collector and don’t “invest”, the “hobby” has changed substantially over the past 12 months and you need to be able to find the best buying opportunities of the players you want to collect.v

As a member of Sell the Peak, you will be given a constant flow of content to learn from. We’re taking the “teach a man to fish” approach. Not the “give a man a fish” method. There will be no picks of the week. But trust us when we say, when you learn to find your own card of the week, you’ll find it much more enjoyable and much more profitable. Seeing a list of cards that have the biggest gains over the recent days won’t help you profit from them. You want to already have a card before it shows up on that list. That’s where the real gains are made.

With that said, the soul of the platform to help you achieve that will be the Sell The Peak Player Pages. Currently, you will see a dashboard for a player of your choice. In this dashboard, you will have several cards for that player to see pricing history in chart form, recent sales, highest, lowest, and customizable date ranges. You can compare the player’s chart with up to two more charts. Those additional charts can be of the same player or two different players/cards. 

Along with that pricing data, you’ll also be able to see supply on the available graded cards. Pricing is half the story. Supply plays a big part too. Therefore, we’ve implemented a dashboard for you to see the population counts of those cards. 

As you can see, we’ve created a colorful player dashboard that will allow you to compare and analyze hundreds of players and thousands of cards. Here are a few of the important features of the chart dashboard above.

1. Show Card Sales History, Highest, Lowest – These buttons allow you to see all sales history for this card, sorted by most recent first. You can also single out and see the highest and lowest sales of the chosen card over the selected range.

2. Date Range and Volume/Average Price You can change the date range to your desired parameters, and the volume and average price will update to reflect. Note – Each card will have at least 90 days of data and will grow each day. 

3. Graph and Data Points – On the graph, you will see small dots along the lines. These dots represent sales for each day that they’re available. Simply click the appropriate dot to single out and view sales for only that day.

4. Population Report – In this section, you can see the entire population of graded cards for the corresponding card. Not only will you see a graph showing total number of each grade, you can also hover over the bars on the graph to see the percentage that grade makes up of the total population.

What you see above is just the beginning. We have so much planned in the future and will continue to develop and add new features. But we will also be listening to current members and adding the feature YOU want to see. 

We have a very easy system in place for our members to make feature requests, as well as new card chart requests too. We want to be responsive to our members and give you what you want. 

Let’s get down to brass tacks. You’re probably wondering how much we’re talking. As you’ve already read, we want it to be affordable for everyone. We want it to be even more affordable for our founding members. This is a one time, limited time, offer. 

That’s it… $10 a month. Skip one fast food meal a month. Dig through the couch cushions. Set aside $0.30 per day. Don’t buy that 12 card lot of Talen Horton-Tucker this month… Or whatever else you may want to do to to come up with $10. 

That’s it. You’ll be locked in at that price for life, or until you cancel. Which we hope you never do, but would be happy to welcome you back later at the current price at that time.

That’s all we have for now. Click below to get signed up now!

P.S. You’ll also be given access to a private channel on discord with high level discussion of what’s going on in the marketplace, where current opportunities might lie, etc. Direct access to hobby vets with no filters. This is not to be confused with “cards to buy”. Think of it as your opportunity to sit down over a beer or coffee with someone who knows what they’re doing and picking their brain about what’s happening in the moment.