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Affiliate Partner Program Info

luka website graph 8-16-20 Affiliate Partnership Program

  • Participants will be labeled an official Sell The Peak Partner with a link from the Sell The Peak Partner Page to your site/page/channel.
  • No requirements to join, but partners will be hand picked. Program is not open to everyone.
  • Up front and recurring commissions.
  • Exclusive coupon code to use for your referrals to receive a 20% first month discount.
  • Free monthly account to membership program.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for a Sell The Peak affiliate account here:
  2.  You will have access to a custom dashboard with marketing materials, the ability to generate unique links, and more.
  3.  You will then share your link and promotion with your audience via whatever method you would like.
  4. Within your custom dashboard, you will be able to track your sign ups and commissions.


  • Membership cost is currently $10/month.
  • Affiliate partners will receive a 30% recurring commission on each member they refer.
  • Affiliate Partners will be allowed to give an exclusive 20% first month discount code to new signups.
  • Affiliate partners will be paid by the 10th of the month for previous month referrals
  • $10 minimum payout
  • Example of commission structure:
    •  An affiliate partner refers 10 members in Month 1, 10 members in Month 2, and 10 members in Month 3.
    • Month 1 commission would be $30 (10 active members). Month 2 commission would be $60 (20 active members). Month 3 commission would be $90 (30 active members).
    • Example assumes no cancellations and is figured at current $10 per month membership cost.
  • Partners must remain active to keep access to free login.
  • If coupon code is used, the affiliate will still receive full first month commission.
  • If the membership price is raised in the future, the percentage rates will remain in place for new signups. Previous sign ups before the rate increase will be grandfathered in and always pay $10 per month price.
  • Commissions will not be given for future product launches or upgrades. (ie. the affiliate partner referral decides to add on another service offered by Sell The Peak in the future, affiliate partner will continue to receive commission on regular monthly membership, but will not receive commission on additional purchases, etc.)
  • Sell the Peak LLC reserves the right to change the terms of the partnership at any time, but will NEVER change recurring commission amounts of affiliate partner’s active members. For example, if you have 100 active members at 30% per month, you will always receive that amount, it is not subject to change for already signed up members.
  • The tracking cookie will expire after 30 days. That means if someone clicks your link and joins anytime within 30 days from the link click, you will receive commission.
  • Sell the Peak LLC will require a W-9 from affiliate before first payment is made.